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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 1223
    Summary Working with sessions in Capture One 4, 5, 6, and 7 on Mac
    Problem How do I work with Sessions on my Mac? How do I create one?
    Solution Working With Sessions

    Sessions are an intuitive way to organize your files and photo shoots.

    The default location for your Session folders is
    ~User Account / Pictures / your session folders

    The default Capture One Session can be found here
    Capture One Library
    (defaults to tethered folder set up in PRO and Untethered in Non PRO)

    Four folders are created automatically in Tethered Sessions
    Capture (icon of a camera)
    Move To (icon of an arrow and folder)
    Output (icon of one single gear)
    Trash (icon of a trash can)

    Three folders are created automatically in Un-tethered Sessions
    Move To (icon of an arrow and folder)
    Output (icon of one single gear)
    Trash (icon of a trash can)

    You can use the Default Session or you can create a new session depending on your workflow and organization.

    To Create a New Session
    Open Capture One
    Prompt Screen to Open or Create New Session:

    From the Software you can choose File > New Session or select the "+" mark next to the drop down Session Menu to create a new session.

    Set your Session Name, Location, and Type
    You can change the names of any of the fields or use the defaults.

    You can also create folders within your session to have multiple Capture folders, Move To folders or just folders that fit your organizational needs.
    Just select the New Folder Button at the bottom of your Library tool or Ctrl Click the folder you would like to place your new folder into.

    You can also delegate these folders as Session Favorites, so that your sessions will always have shortcuts to your favorites folders in your Session Favorites section.

    Note you can also add files into your sessions through your finder.
    Simply navigate to your session and add your folder.

    Last updated july 23, 2014

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