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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 1224
    Summary How to White Balance in Capture One
    Problem How do I White Balance images in Capture One?
    Solution See video tutorial here and step by step guide below:

    How to White Balance Images

    Capture One provides several methods with which you can white balance your images to most accurately reproduce the colors in your image.

    This can be an easy process using a true gray card or selecting a neutral gray area within an image to adjust the white balance. The Automatic adjust button can be used too.
    Once set in this manner, further manual adjustments can be made if needed.

  • If you're shooting tethered, you can set the white balance in the Capture Tool Tab with the Camera Tool. Select the eye dropper here, then select your neutral area, then hit "Set". This will then be your base White Balance for incoming captures.

  • You can also use the White Balance Tool in the Color Tool Tab. Just select the eye dropper here, then select your neutral point. You can then copy and apply this setting to other files if you wish.

    You can save your White Balances as presets, which you can then load in other sessions and/or on other files. Just select the small grey down arrow to the right. Select "Load Preset" name your White Balance and it will then be added to the same drop down menu.

  • Last updated October 26, 2012

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