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KB 1231

How to change orientation when shooting tethered with a DSLR

Last updated: 07-01-2016


When shooting straight down it is not possible for most DSLR to detect which orientation you intended for the images.  Because most DSLR do not have manual overrides it is not possible for Capture One to tell the camera which orientation to use.  Furthermore Orientation is not automatically copied to new capture because in most normal shooting scenarios this would not be desirable.  It is possible however to manually override this:


1. In Next Capture Adjustments set All Other to “Copy from Clipboard”



2. Shoot an image, make any adjustments including rotating the image 90*

3. Go to the Adjustments Clipboard and click Copy

4. Manually check the box labeled “Orientation."



5. Your next shot should rotate automatically after display.


**Note that if you make any new adjustments to an image that you want to keep on future shots you must re-copy the adjustments and check the orientation box.






The quicker method:


1. Add the “Copy and Apply” button to your toolbar (View > Customize Toolbar).



2. Use the same workflow as above, however instead of clicking copy in the Adjustments Clipboard, click the Copy and Apply button and then click Copy in the pop-up window.




The benefit of this method is that you don’t have to check individual boxes.  The Copy and Apply button does not exclude any adjustments made to an image unlike the standard copy buttons.  Keep in mind though if you have metadata items such as a start rating or color tag, these will also be copied.