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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 1234
    Summary Processing in Capture One:Output Tab
    Problem I have made all of my adjustments to my images, now what? How do I output my final images.
    Solution See video tutorial here (or walk through below):

    The final step in your Capture One workflow is to Output your images.
    You can do this from your Output Tab.

    First, make sure you have designated an Output folder.
    All images will process out into this folder.

    Process Recipes (PRO AND DB only)
    You can create and select multiple process recipes here.
    Use the plus button to add a new recipe and the minus to
    remove a recipe.
    Images will process for each selected recipe upon sending
    to process.

    Process Recipe
    In this tool you set the parameters of your process recipe.
    Simply select your recipe you’d like to change (it will be highlighted).
    You can choose between Jpeg, Tiff, and DNG. Set size, profile, as well
    as other advanced options (PRO and DB only).

    - Advanced Tab
    You can set the destination, A Sub Name and a Sub Folder.
    Any and all settings are optional.

    -Watermark Tab (In Capture One version 5 only)
    You can add your watermark to your images so it will be included in your images as they process out.

    Output Naming
    Select Image Name if you'd like your files to process out with their current names, or select from one of the many other
    format options.

    Process Summary
    Will show you the summary of the image and recipe you have selected at that time. You can see your final parameters to double check everything is the way you want it set for that particular recipe.

    With "Tiff" highlighted this shows my final output:

    With my "Jpeg" recipe highlights this will reflect my final jpeg output:

    Capture One Non Pro Output Tab, includes only the Process Recipe, Output Naming and Process Summary.
    Multiple recipes are not an option, either are the other advance functions of the Pro and DB modes.

    Last updated June 20, 2014

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