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Article ID 1251
Summary Autofocus with AEL button on Phase One 645DF/DF+
Problem How can I control the Autofocus with the AEL button on my Phase One DF/DF+ camera?

Autofocus on the Phase One DF/DF+ body can be driven with the AEL dial just
above the rear dial.

Set custom Function 9 to 1 (Swap function of AEL and AFL buttons) - see image below.
NOTE: Camera must be in Custom Bank A, B, or C!

Step 2:
Change Custom function 12 to 1 (AFL to AF operation)

The half press will still also control auto focus. 
You can lock the focus by holding down the AEL button while triggering.

Step 3:
You can also disable the Half Press function. To disable the Half Press function change Custom Function 10 to 2

Workflow suggestion:

  1. Change CF 9,10 and 12 as shown above.
  2. To activate AF on the AEL button - leave CF bank A,B or C and select Exposure mode X,M,Tv,Av or P.
  3. Copy settings to C1,C2 or C3: 
    • Hold down +/- button and change Exposuremode dial to C1,C2 or C3. Once selected - release the +/- button.
  4. Make sure your lens is set to AF and the body is set to S or C

To reset Custom Functions press the +/- button for 3-5 seconds. Small "beep" all custom functions is reset.

Last updated 04-01-2016
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