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KB 1267

Upload files to Phase One Support FTP Server

Last updated: 03-11-2016


How do I upload one or several files to Phase One Support's FTP server ?


Using Phase One's FTP server is the quickest way to send large files or groups of files. Use this procedure to send files in this timesaving way:


You can use out web interface:

Use following login:

User: Anonymous

Password: *Leave empty*

OR user a FTP program

For Windows


1. Open Internet Explorer or another FTP program.


2. Go to the following address:


If username and password is required then use

User: Annonymous

Password: *Leave empty*

Go into the subfolders:  "Support" -> "Upload"


Error message will appear "Error. Cannot list directory" -> click "OK" and drag and drop the folder (named with case number) on to the window.


Progress bar will disappear when upload is done; however uploaded files will not be shown. This is for security reasons.


3. When finished, please always tell Phase One Support by making a comment in the on-line web support case you have created, prior to uploading this file, to our Customer Support. Please always  include the filename(s) of the file(s).



For Mac


Please use an FTP program like Filezilla, Fetch or DropFTP (some of these are free-ware) and follow the instructions given above.  Login as guest or use no Username or password.



Folders cannot be created in the upload folder.  If you are uploading a folder of files please zip it (archive/compress) first.  Package style files such as Catalogs should also be zipped prior to upload.