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    Summary How to obtain support from Phase One and Mamiya-Leaf Support Team.
    Problem How do I get Support on my Phase One or Mamiya-Leaf Product ?
    Solution Self-Service Support

    The primary source of information on Phase One, Leaf and Mamiya Products - Our Knowledge Database. We hope that we can offer you a quick solution to your problem.
    For a complete overview of Phase One and Leaf's Support Services please look below.

    Phase One and Mamiya-Leaf User to User Forum:
    Phase One provides various user forums on both english and german. These forums are available for all kind of users. Some of the forums are provided in coorporation with our dealers of the Capture One software. Find the link to the forums below.

    Users of Phase One, Mamiya-Leaf Cameras, Digital Backs, Scanners, Portable Solutions, Capture One Pro Software:
    Please contact your local dealer.

    Find your local dealer on our website under Contacts. Phase One's dealers and distributors around the world are all trained in our products and they will be able to answer the questions that may arise.
    In order to respond quickly to your request or question please provide your local dealer with all relevant information. For instance: Send images or send screen dumps that illustrate the problem and specify which equipment you are using.

    For Phase One Dealers, go to
    For Mamiya-Leaf dealers, go to

    Capture One Software:
    If you have puchcased your software at a dealer, please contact that dealer for support - all other users please go to for use of either our on-line users forums or create a support case to the Phase One Support Teams.

    Portrait One Software:
    Users of Portrait One please contact Studio Plus

    Last updated july 3, 2012
    Links Phase One and Mamiya-Leaf User to User Forum
    Phase One and Mamiya-Leaf Support Website
    Find my local Phase One dealer
    Find my local Mamiya-Leaf dealer
    Studio Plus
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    Phase One SDK
    Portrait One


    Phase One

    Digital Back:

    H 10
    H 10 11 Mpixel
    H 10 6 Mpixel
    H 101
    H 20
    H 25
    H 5
    PhotoPhase +
    PowerPhase (SCSI)
    Rollei db20p

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