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Rollei Lens Control S Compatibility with Phase One P, P+, IQ and Leaf Credo series digital backs

Last updated: 04-01-2016


Will my Phase One P, P+, IQ and Leaf Credo series digital back work with the Rollei Lens Control S?

The Lens Control S - handset with LCD display and controls is ideal for use with digital backs as it minimises vibration and can be set up for multi-exposure shots without the need to touch the camera.


Configure the back and Rollei Lens Control S in this way:

1. Set the P, P+, IQ and Leaf Credo series Shutter menu option to "Short Latency" OR "Normal Latency" depending on option available (If Long Latency is selected two-shot errors will result)

2. Confirm that the Rollei Lens Control S controller has firmware 2.18 or greater. In order to find what firmware version is present in the Rollei Controller, hold down the up & down scroll buttons when the unit is switched on. Note that version 2.18 or later is requirred.

The update can be provided in Europe by DHW - contact details:

Mrs. Manilla Brauner
Tel: +49-(0)531-6800-425
Fax: +49-(0)531-6800-244

In US you can get it from the Rollei US Service Station. 

3. In addition to the controller update (firmware version 2.18 or greater) you will need a cable "Rollei Lens Control interface cable" for the camera controller - showed below: 

The cable "Rollei Lens Control interface cable" can be purchased from DHW (See contact information above)

For older backs with only MiniJack connection possible - the cables below are needed:

These cables are:

  • "Steuerkabel Control Wire for Phase One" should be used. This cable is approx 10 cm in length with a small cablebox at one end (Rollei Item No. 64878). If using an V-series back this cable can be plugged directly into the V-series back.

  • Attached to this cable must be the second cable for extension of length (this is a standard 2.5mm mini-jack extension cable that can be obtained from any electornic store, same plug as the plug used with headphones). This cable connects the small cable to the shutter control. 



  • Attached to the second cable is this third cable the Multi Conn. to mini jack adaptor cable from Phase One or Mamiya-Leaf.


When the cables are in use the Phase One / Leaf camera back will operate as a one-shot back from the Rollei controller. 

If the shutter control does not have the firmware update but you have the required cables then the back will only operate in 2-shot mode with the flash. If the cables are not in use then the Rollei Lens Control S cannot be used with Phase One / Leaf Credo camerabacks.

The below image and cables are of older date but although seen in the market:



This cable will work with Phase One H, P, P+, IQ and Leaf Credo series backs - note the connection to the Rollei controller is different.


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