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How to Edit your Phase One Profile / How to change your email on

Last updated: 29-05-2018


My email or other contact information has changed. I need to update my Phase One Profile


Editing your profile is advised if you have changed your email address, physical address, password or any other information included in your Phase One profile preferences. 
Phase One strongly advises against creating multiple profiles with multiple email accounts. In order to expedite communication please update the original e-mail address to the new e-mail address.

It is important to update your profile if you change your email address. Once your email address has been changed and you wish to activate Capture One be sure to use the new email address. If you use the old email address Capture One activation will fail to authenticate the license.

How to Change Your Information in your Phase One Profile.

Follow the screen-shots and steps below.

Step 1 - Login to Phase One using the email associated with your profile by clicking on "Login."  Provide your current e-mail address and password.  


Step 2 - Choose "Edit Profile".


Step 3 - Edit your profile and/or password as desired.  Choose "Save and Continue." 

Or press here for access to the log-in site