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Importing Images in Capture One 3.x- For Mac

Last updated: 10-03-2017


How do I import images from my camera to Capture One for Mac?


Importing Images

The Default location for Session folders of RAW files is:
~User Account / Pictures/ Your Session Folders

Three default sub-folders are created of:
  • Capture Folder
  • Process Folder
  • Trash Folder

    At the Organize Tool, create a New Session using the + or the pulldown option.
    Add RAW image files with one of these methods:

    1 > Connect a card reader to your computer and insert your memory card in it. When you do this, a New Media Detected (PRO Only) window (see illustration, below) will automatically open.You can rename your images as they are imported by checking the Rename captures check box and typing the name you want to use.

    If you choose Not to rename, images retain name generated by camera. Batch Rename function can be used later.

    Click Import and images will download into the Session folder, Thumbnails and Previews will be generated.

    2 > Another method of importing images is to do it manually, using the Finder icon, which is located at the bottom of the screen, as shown here:

    Clicking on the Show selected in Finder icon. A window will display of all the Session folders. Open the Captures subfolder. Open the mounted CF card reader drive, select and move image files into the Captures folder of the Session. 
    Once images are in the Captures Folder, Thumbnails and Previews will be created.

    Images dragged / copied into the Captures folder manually will not be renamed. 

    Automatic import can be turned On or Off in:

    Preferences > Capture Naming Preferences display, and checking Bring up import dialog when a Compact Flash card is inserted

    If turned off, then import manually.