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Setting up the Hardware: Installing the PCI IEEE-1394 Card

Last updated: 19-08-2015


How do I go about installing the hardware for this?


Installing the PCI IEEE-1394 Card

The Phase One camera back is connected to the computer via an IEEE 1394 connection.This extremely fast connection has removed many of the limitations of the SCSI technology previously used in older digital cameras. If necessary, the cable length can be extended using Phase One Power Conditioners to move the camera further away from the computer.

To install a PCI IEEE-1394, follow the procedure below:

While the procedure described here will work in most cases, it is important that to read and understand the user information, (manual, online help, etc.) that covers your own computer, before carrying out this installation.
  • 1. Shut down and unplug the computer from the power supply.
  • 2. Remove the computer's casing to gain access to the motherboard.
  • 3. Choose an empty PCI slot and remove the screw and cover.
  • 4. Gently place the card into the slot with the 1394 connectors facing through the opening.
  • 5. Exert a firm downward pressure straight down on the card whilst rocking it slightly until it is firmly seated in the slot.
  • 6. Replace the screw to hold the card in place.
  • 7. Replace the computer's casing, reconnect to the power supply and then restart.


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