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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 1987
    Summary Organize Tool: Working with Sessions in Capture One 3.x on Mac
    Problem How do I organize my image files in a Session?
    Solution Working with Sessions

    Sessions are created at the Organize Tool containing image files.
    Click the + button or pulldown Session: to add a New Session. The same options exist to Remove Session... or to Add Session.
    The Add Session... option is for reloading a name .session file from a removed or archived Session.
    The Session: pulldown displays a list of current sessions.

    The Session structure consists of default folders which contain different files from working with images.
    3 Folders Include:___________

    Capture Folder: The active capture folder is displayed at the top and is marked with a camera icon. The Capture folder contains the RAW image files.
    Default location is User/Pictures/Session name/Captures

    Processed Folder: The processed folder is marked with the DoubleGears process icon. It will contain processed image files of TIFF and JPEG.
    Default location is User/Pictures/Session name/Processed

    Trash Folder: The trash can icon identifies this folder It will always contain images that have been Moved to Trashed. Images in this folder can be recovered and moved back into the Captures folder.
    The folder can be completely emptied by selecting File>Empty Trash.
    Default location is User/Pictures/Session name/Trash

    Favorites: A favorite is a Session subfolder and has a RedHeart icon
    Create a New Folder and right click will display choice to make it a Favorite.
    This folder can be set at the active capture or process folder by either selecting Set Capture Folder or Set Process icons at bottom of display. or le menu, or by holding down the Control key while clicking on the favorite folder in the organize window.

    ** All Folder designations can be set at the icons, at File pulldown, right click on folder, or Crtl + left click on folder.

    Last updated November 25, 2009

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