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KB 1996

Creating a Support Case: Creating a Support Case

Last updated: 29-11-2016


I have set up my profile and logged in. What should I do next if I want to create a support case?


Creating a Support Case

Once you have set up a profile and logged in, a page will be displayed where you can specify which aspect of your equipment or application you have a query about. If this page does not display immediately, click on Contact Support on the bottom of the support page and select "Technical Support".

You can use the search field in Knowledge Base articles that might in fact answer your question.

If not:

1. Please spend some time in filling out these details. All relevant information can help us to help you and pinpoint exactly where the answer to your question lies. No detail is too minor!! Fill out the relevant details from the drop down menus provided, as shown here:


2. Click on Next at the bottom of the page.  This will then take you to a Summary page, as shown below.

3. You have now established a Support Case and our highly trained technical support will deal with your case as soon as possible.