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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 2003
    Summary Focus and Sharpness: How to Focus and Sharpen Images on Mac
    Problem How do I make use of the Focus and Sharpen functions of Capture One PRO?
    Solution How to Focus and Sharpen Images

    The Focus Tool is used to assess and make adjustments to an image based on its focus and USM (unsharp mask), sharpness settings. The tool's focus window displays a fully processed version of the image, which you can then use to assess any adjustments that you have made to the image.

    Using the sharpening increases sharpness by actually enhancing the edge differences between pixels of different colours. When applied, the software evaluates the contrast differences between pixels and these are either enhanced or omitted based on the settings applied.

    The following procedure explains how to make these adjustments in focus and sharpness:

  • 1.Using the cursor picker tool select an area of the image to work with from the preview window.

  • 2. The Capture One software will zoom in to a 1:1 final image of that part of the image.

  • 3. Zoom in and out using the Zoom slider.

  • 4. Adjust the image's sharpness using the settings and sliders available as required.

    5.When you are satisfied with the adjustments made, click the icon to apply them.

    Use this icon to open a floating focus utility window. This window can be resized to optimize your view of the image that you are working with.

  • Last updated May 18, 2007

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