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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 2007
    Summary Processing Images: Multiple Outputs on Mac Capture One 3.x
    Problem Can I process various file types at the same time?
    Solution Working with Multiple Outputs - PRO version Only

    Unlimited simultaneous outputs are possible in the Process Tool of PRO.

    To choose multiple outputs, Add a New Destination with the icon.
    Then set desired parameters for final image file in the Basic and Advanced panels.
    Each destination can be enabled or disabled by checking the
    check box.

    You can select to only show the enabled destinations, by checking Enabled only.
    If you want to show or change the size in each column, check Size Columns.

    The same capture image can now be processed using an unlimited amount of different, sizes, resolutions, file formats, color profiles and scaling.

    By ticking the Open image after process checkbox, images will be opened in the application you have set in Preferences

    Set the application in the Capture One > Preferences > Processing > Attributes tab. Alternatively, files can be opened in the application which is set as default in the Mac operating system for the type of file that is created.

    Do not enable this feature if you are processing a large amount of images, as system may freeze up. The automatic Open feature is best suited for individual or a small group of images.

    Monitoring the Batch with Capture One collapsed into the dock

    If Capture One is collapsed into OSX's dock, you can monitor progress of batch processing by the status bar display:

    This feature allows you to run a large batch and work on other tasks on your computer.

    Last updated January 16, 2012

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