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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 2042
    Summary Known Issues fore Expression Media 2 on Mac OS 10.6 and Windows 7
    Solution Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)


    Nikon NEF RAW images do not render when the RAW importer is set to manufacturer in Expression Media 2. The images appear as generic icons in Thumbnail view and display a render error in Media view.
    To workaround this issue, set the “Preferred Engine” to Apple (Expression Media 2 -> Preferences -> Media Rendering -> RAW tab ).

    Microsoft Expression Media 2 Import via Control-Click is missing. In Leopard, when performing a control-click on an image, there was an option called “Microsoft Expression Media 2 Import”. This option does not exist in Snow Leopard.

    Expression Media 2 doesn’t render HTML files properly in a catalog on Snow Leopard. It does still work in Leopard. This issue occurs in Thumbnail View and Media View.

    XML files located in the folders of the RAW files are deleted when importing, this does not apply to XMP files

    Windows 7


    Expression Media 2 crashes when navigating folders in the "Open” dialog. This problem appears to only affect the 32-bit version of Windows 7. There is a workaround. Go into the properties of the Microsoft Expression 2 shortcut that you use to open Expression Media 2. On the “Compatibility” tab, check the box next to “Disable visual themes” and click OK.

    Export Slide Show to Movie Maker in Expression Media 2 doesn’t launch Movie Maker. When using this feature, it will prompt for a file location and create an XML file. Movie Maker can be added to Windows 7 from Windows Live Essentials but it will not open automatically from Expression Media 2.

    Last updated April 26, 2011
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    Windows 7

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