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How to change your Capture One activation mode

Last updated: 15-11-2018


I downloaded and installed Capture One, but...

1) My adjustment tools are grayed out.

2) My camera will not connect.

3) I want to activate a different mode of the software.


NOTE - Capture One can be activated and used in 6 modes:


 Capture One in Pro mode - The same as Pro DB but full version for DSLR support including Sony and Fuji 

 Capture One in Pro Fujifilm mode - Full version for Fuji users 

 Capture One in Express Fujifilm mode - Basic version for Fuji users 

 Capture One in Pro Sony mode - Full version for Sony users 

 Capture One in Express Sony mode - Basic version for Sony users 

 Capture One in Pro DB mode - Full version for digital back support only


For digital back owners, it's free of charge to use Capture One in DB mode - no license needed.


The information below describes in detail how to change your current Capture One mode.


1) You can check the current version of Capture One that is activated under the Capture One > About Capture One menu on Mac and Help > About menu on Windows





2) To change modes, select Capture One > License on Mac and Help > License Information on Windows




3) Select  "Change License," and relaunch Capture One after selecting Quit on Mac. 






In Windows, select "Stop Running digital back only, Express Sony only, or Express Fujifilm only "



4) After you relaunch, you will be prompted to select your Capture One product and Activate on Mac.





On Windows you will be given the activation window.

6) Enter your Capture One License Key, and email address if applicable. This must be the original e-mail address used to purchase the license key. Then click "Get Profile."



7) Verify your password, associated with your Phase One profile. If everything is entered correctly, it will enter your First Name, Last Name, and country automatically. 


8) Click "Activate."


9) If you have done everything correctly, you will receive a confirmation and you are now ready to use Capture One in your desired mode.