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KB 2082

Using the Profoto A1 with the Phase One XF

Last updated: 12-06-2018


The Profoto A1 comes in a few different Camera versions, how does it work the the Phase One XF?


Both the Canon or Nikon version of the A1 will work with the XF and do not need additional adapters.  Here are a couple notes on usage:

  • For TTL use or to control the Flash power from the Profoto tool of the XF, Profoto Air must be enabled on the XF.  Go to Capture Setup > Profoto > Profoto Flash > On.   Make sure the XF transmit channel is the same as the A1.  Profoto Pre-flash should also be "ON" for best TTL results.


  • When using Air to communicate with the A1, the flash can be placed remotely or on the hot shoe with no change in behavior.  


  • If Profoto Air is turned off on the body, the hot shoe will still trigger the flash.  In this mode TTL is not available and all power adjustments must be done on the flash itself.
    • Note that if you exceed the maximum sync speed (1/1600 with leaf shutter, 1/125 with focal plane shutter) the XF will not trigger the flash.  Be sure to use a shutter speed that is capable of flash sync.