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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 2087
    Summary Focus Tool: Sharpening and Noise Suppression adjustments
    Problem How do I adjust sharpening or noise for my images?
    Solution Sharpening:

    At the Preferences > Miscellaneous Settings tab is the ability to set a Default Sharpening. Soft look setting is used primarily for close-up portrait work because it hides skin blemishes to some extent. Standard look is the other option available.

    Amount - how much contrast between pixels
    Threshold - the higher the # the LESS that is sharpened in the image

    Once set, the preference sharpening settings will display at the Focus tab slider tool.

    The Preference settings will be applied to all processed images from a Session if you Do Not Touch the Sharpening sliders at the Focus tab.
    Once you adjust the sliders at the Focus tab, the Preference settings DO NOT apply for that particular image. Either/Or is the Rule here.

    Preference settings perform equal sharpening to all images.
    Sharpening at the Focus tab adjusts an individual image only, unless of course you apply the settings to other selected Thumbnails as a batch.

    Another sharpening option available in the Preferences > Process settings tab is to Disable Sharpening on output. Checkmark this when using another software for sharpening. Affects only the sharpening and only with processing. The Preview display will show sharpening settings.

    At the Focus tab it is best to analyze the Focus View display image and not the Preview image. The Preview will show sharpening adjustments, but is low in resolution for making critical decisions, even at full screen. The Focus View actually displays the processed selected portion of the RAW for display and analyses.

    In analyzing sharpening effects only, do not adjust Color Noise suppression sliders since these can have an affect upon sharpening.

    If adjusting an image needing more sharpening than default settings, adjustments can be applied to other images of a Session by clicking the icon to apply them.

    Both Noise Suppression and Color Noise Suppression slider tools are also available at the Focus Tab.

    Last updated April 16, 2007

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