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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 2089
    Summary Processing Images: Introduction for Windows Capture One 3.x
    Problem How do I process the RAW images?
    Solution Processing Images

    The final stage of the workflow is to process images at the Process Tab. Using the LE version, 1 File type is processed at a time. The PRO version will Scale an image down or up to 250% and will allow for up to 3 different file outputs (unlimited for Mac). The enable output option must be checked in order for the files to be processed.

    An Example of 3 varying outputs are listed below:
  • 1= 72 resolution-sRGB for web display
  • 2= 250 resolution- Adobe RGB - Medium Quality JPEG for printing
  • 3= 300 resolution,16-bit TIFF for large wall portrait sent to lab

    The image size, Resolution, File format, quality, and color space of the desired output can all be set at the Process tab.

    If Speed is more important than Quality for image processing, then use the QuickProofs process algorithm found under Collection > QuickProofs...

    Some image files take longer to process, i.e. Phase One Digital Back files or Fuji S2 and S3. Add image files to the Batch Queue while working by day, then start the Process Batch to work overnight.

    The setting to have established at the Process tab is the Set Process Folder and check the Always process images to associated image folder

    With this box checked, a folder name Develops is created within the Session folder along with the RAW images. The Develops folder is where all processed images will reside.

  • Last updated January 16, 2012

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