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KB 2101

Serial number prefix for Mamiya products

Last updated: 18-05-2016


Which Serial number prefixes are associated with what Mamiya Product?


Note that the serial number prefix can contain 2 or 4 digits!
Camera Body Serial Prefix
Mamiya 645AFDIII BA
Mamiya 645DF BB
Mamiya 645DF+ BE
Fixed Lenses for 645 Bodies Serial Prefix
Mamiya Digital AF 28mm f/4.5 LA
Mamiya Digital AF 35mm f/3.5 LL
Mamiya Digital AF 45mm f/2.8 LB
Mamiya Digital 55mm AF f/2.8 LM
Mamiya Digital 55mm AF LS f/2.8 LH
Mamiya Digital 80mm AF LS f/2.8 LG
Mamiya Digital AF 80mm f/2.8 LC
Mamiya Digital 110mm AF LS f/2.8 LJ
Mamiya Digital MF 120mm f/4.0 Macro LF
Mamiya Digital AF 150mm f/2.8 LD
Mamiya 150mm AF f/3.5 LN
Mamiya 210mm ULD f/4 LP
Mamiya 300mm APO f/4.5 LQ
Zoom Lenses for 645 bodies Serial Prefix
Mamiya Digital AF 75-150mm f/4.5 LE
Mamiya 55-110mm f/4.5 LR
Mamiya 105-210mm f/4.5 LU
Fixed Lenses for RZ67 bodies Serial Prefix
Mamiya Fisheye 37mm f/4.5W RA
Mamiya Z50mm f/4.5W RB
Mamiya ULD M50mm f/4.5L RC
Mamiya M65mm f/4L-A RD
Mamiya 90mm f/3.5W RE
Mamiya 110mm f/2.8W RF
Mamiya 150mm f/3.5W RG
Mamiya 180mm f/4.5W-N RH
Mamiya 250mm f/4.5W RJ
Mamiya 140mm f/4.5W/L-A RL
Mamiya Shift Z75mm f/4.5W RM
Mamiya Soft M180mm f/4 D/L RN
Mamiya APO Z210mm f/4.5 RQ
Mamiya APO Z250mm f/4.5 RR
Mamiya APO Z350mm f/5.6 RU
Mamiya APO Z500mm f/6 RV
Mamiya M75mm f/4.5L SB RW
Mamiya M180mm f/4.5L SB RE
Zoom Lenses for RZ67 bodies Serial Prefix
Mamiya Zoom Z100-200mmF5.2W RP
Accessories Serial Prefix
Vertical Grip Air for 645DF GA
Mamiya Tele-converter RZ67 x1.4 RZ