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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 2101
    Summary Serial number prefix for Mamiya products
    Problem Which Serial number prefixes are associated with what Mamiya Product?
    Solution Note that the serial number prefix can contain 2 or 4 digits!

    Camera Body Serial Prefix
    Mamiya 645AFDIII BA
    Mamiya 645DFBB
    Mamiya 645DF+BE
    Fixed Lenses for 645 BodiesSerial Prefix
    Mamiya Digital AF 28mm f/4.5LA
    Mamiya Digital AF 35mm f/3.5LL
    Mamiya Digital AF 45mm f/2.8LB
    Mamiya 55mm AF f/2.8LM
    Mamiya Digital 55mm AF LS f/2.8LH
    Mamiya Digital 80mm AF LS f/2.8LG
    Mamiya Digital AF 80mm f/2.8LC
    Mamiya Digital 110mm AF LS f/2.8LJ
    Mamiya Digital MF 120mm f/4.0 MacroLF
    Mamiya Digital AF 150mm f/2.8LD
    Mamiya 150mm AF f/3.5LN
    Mamiya 210mm ULD f/4LP
    Mamiya 300mm APO f/4.5LQ
    Zoom Lenses for 645 bodiesSerial Prefix
    Mamiya Digital AF 75-150mm f/4.5LE
    Mamiya 55-110mm f/4.5LR
    Mamiya 105-210mm f/4.5LU
    Fixed Lenses for RZ67 bodiesSerial Prefix
    Mamiya Fisheye 37mm f/4.5WRA
    Mamiya Z50mm f/4.5WRB
    Mamiya ULD M50mm f/4.5LRC
    Mamiya M65mm f/4L-ARD
    Mamiya 90mm f/3.5W RE
    Mamiya 110mm f/2.8W RF
    Mamiya 150mm f/3.5W RG
    Mamiya 180mm f/4.5W-N RH
    Mamiya 250mm f/4.5W RJ
    Mamiya 140mm f/4.5W/L-A RL
    Mamiya Shift Z75mm f/4.5W RM
    Mamiya Soft M180mm f/4 D/L RN
    Mamiya APO Z210mm f/4.5RQ
    Mamiya APO Z250mm f/4.5RR
    Mamiya APO Z350mm f/5.6RU
    Mamiya APO Z500mm f/6RV
    Mamiya M75mm f/4.5L SBRW
    Mamiya M180mm f/4.5L SBRE
    Zoom Lenses for RZ67 bodiesSerial Prefix
    Mamiya Zoom Z100-200mmF5.2WRP
    AccessoriesSerial Prefix
    Vertical Grip Air for 645DFGA
    Mamiya Tele-converter RZ67 x1.4RZ

    Last updated June 18, 2014
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