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Article ID 2113
Summary Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows
Problem What shortcuts on Windows can I take advantage of?

Keyboard Shortcuts


There are several keyboard shortcuts governing the most repeated requests on Capture One that can really streamline your workflow, once they are learnt. 


Capture One Help, (user manual):    F1


Capture Tab:    Alt + c


Exposure Tab:   Ctrl + e


Focus Tab:    Alt + f


Develop Tab:    Ctrl + d


Shift focus to the collection part of the window:   F2


Tab to the previous function tab:    F3


Exposure warning tool:    F5


Maximize preview window:    F9


Full screen mode:    F7


Toggle Landscape - Portrait view:    F8


Move Highlighted Imaged, (captures), to Move To folder:    Backspace


Move Highlighted Images, (captures) to Trash Collection:    Del


Delete Highlighted Images:    Ctrl + Delete


Add selected image(s) to batch:    Insert


Select ALL, either in Capture Collection or in Batch queue:    Ctrl + A



Last updated 20-08-2015
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