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KB 2147

Leaf Digital Camera Back: Rotating the Image VS Rotating the Menu Icons

Last updated: 19-08-2015


How do I Rotat the Image VS Rotating the Menu Icons?


Did you know that the Leaf back can automatically detect when you move from landscape to portrait?

In the Leaf Aptus, Aptus S and AFi, there is a sensor, which is responsible for the Auto Orientation functions of the back. The sensor can tell when you shoot in landscape or portrait mode and can be adjusted from one of two main functions.
From Camera mode

In the Camera mode, go to Orientation. Here you can choose the orientation of the incoming shot. If the chosen mode is set to Auto, the Imaging Module’s sensor will determine the correct orientation. You can also set the orientation manually by choosing Landscape, Portrait CW (Clock-Wise) or Portrait CCW (Counter-Clockwise).
With the Leaf AFi, AFi-II and Aptus-II imaging modules, there is also a new orientation setting called "Landscape 180". This setting is very useful when doing copy work, and when camera lens is pointing at the ground. With the new Tilting LCD Touch Screen, this new orientation setting allows you to view the captured image in it´s correct orientation without moving the camera.
From Setup mode

In the Setup mode, click Shoot View Options

From the Auto Rotation options, choose On or Off.

Choosing ON will allow the menu icons to rotate with the image (if the image is a Landscape image, the icons will also be in Landscape mode etc.).
Choosing OFF means that the icons will always display at the same orientation they were before choosing.