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KB 2161

Latest Firmware Version for Phase One Digital Backs

Last updated: 12-06-2018


What is the latest firmware available?


IQ Series back Firmware Version
IQ3 100 (Incl Trichromatic and Achromatic), IQ1 100, IQ3 50, IQ250, IQ150 5.09.49 Part of Feature Update #4 Service Release #1
IQ3 60, IQ3 80 3.05.36 Part of Feature Update #4 Service Release #1
IQ280. IQ260, IQ180, IQ160, IQ140 8.05.36 Part of Feature Update #4 Service Release #1
P+ Series Back Model Firmware Version
P40+ and P65+ 5.2.2
P20+, P25+, P21+, P30+ & P45+ 5.1.2
P Series Back Model Firmware Version
P21, P30 and P45 2.3.6 or 2.5/2.5.2 (last two only required if Live Preview option has been purchased, included on all later models. If you have 2.5 you should not upgrade to 2.5.2)
P20 and P25 3.3.4 / 3.3.6 (If you have lower then 3.3.4 then update to this. If you back was delivered with 3.3.6 then this should be used)
H Series Back Model Firmware Version
H25 1.1.2
H20 1.0.7
H10 (BX) 1.0.3, (BZ) 1.0.4, (CA) 1.0.2- Windows Only
H101 1.0.6
H5 1.0 - Windows Only
LightPhase Back Model Firmware Version
LightPhase for Hasselblad V with serial number prefix: BB 3.01f0
LightPhase for Mamiya 645AF with serial number prefix: BK 2.03f0
LightPhase for Contax 645 with serial number prefix: BM 2.10f0

Firmware updates are not supported when using the Apple Thunderbolt adapter. The update itself will fail, but the back can be recovered by updating the firmware on another computer with a direct firewire connection. For IQ backs we recommend updating via USB or CF card. For all other backs please use a computer with firewire ports.

Caution! LightPhase models with serial number prefix BB00 have been excluded from this list because user firmware updates on this back are not recommended due to a unique hardware design. Users attempts to update firmware in BB00 LightPhase models may render the back inoperable.

Some of the Mac versions of the Firmware Installer Application can only be run on computers that will boot into OS 9 . Updating these backs using OS 9 will not adversely affect their compatibility to run with the latest versions of Capture One built for OS X. If firmware update questions arise please contact your Phase One Distributor or Dealer or Phase One Technical Support.