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Which products can I get help with from Phase One and Mamiya-Leaf Technical support

Last updated: 11-06-2018


Which products can I get help with from Phase One and Mamiya-Leaf Technical support.? Is there any products that has reached "end of life"?


Phase One and Mamiya-Leaf Technical support team can help you with any Phase One, Leaf or Mamiya products below.

However some product might have end of life when it comes to service or maintenance .


  • Capture One (all versions)
  • Media PRO (all versions)
  • iX Capture
  • Phase One SDK

  • Hardware:

    Phase One

    One shot backs
  • IQ series (All versions)
  • P+ series

  • Camera / Lenses
  • Phase One 645 (all types)
  • Phase One lenses (all types)
  • Schneider lenses (all leaf shutter versions with M645 fitting)

  • Credo (all types)
  • Aptus-II (all types)
  • AFi-II

    Mamiya DM series camera solutions
  • DM22, DM28, DM33, DM40, DM56 and DM80 including 645DF body and lenses.

    Mamiya M series (camera back only)
  • M18, M22 and M31
  • Mamiya 645AFDIII
  • Mamiya DF
  • Mamiya DF+

    End of life


    Image Capture (all versions)
    Leaf Capture (all versions)
    Microsoft Expression Media (version 2)

    Phase One:

  • H Series (All versions)
  • P series
  • FX / FX+ Scan backs
  • PowerPhase
  • PhotoPhase
  • Studio Kit

  • Leaf
  • DCB (All Types)
  • Volare (All Types)
  • C-MOST (All Types)
  • Valeo (All Types)
  • Valeo (All Types)
  • Aptus (all types)
  • Aptus S (all types)
  • AFi

    Mamiya ZD Camera
  • Mamiya ZD Camera back
  • Mamiya 645AF
  • Mamiya 645AFD
  • Mamiya 645AFDII
  • All other Legacy Mamiya equipment included

  • For world wide service, either contact your local Phase One or Mamiya-Leaf parter or
    Phase One / Mamiya-Leaf support
    ->Click on "Contact Support"