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KB 2167

How to restore a Leaf Credo digital back to factory defaults.

Last updated: 01-08-2017


How do I restore a Leaf Credo digital back to factory defaults? 


Remove the small hex screw located above the battery door and serial number on the Leaf Credo digital back. Take a small object such as a paper clip and insert into the screw hole. You will feel a small click as the paperclip falls into place, further into the back. Insert the battery while holding the paper clip position. 

A small screen will appear that states:

"Repairing Firmware, please wait...
-It can take up to 5 minutes
-The display might go black or flicker
-It should restart automatically" 

You will observe the defaults and firmware are restored to factory defaults. This info can be found under the Settings Menu on the touch screen (gear icon)>About section.