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KB 2174

How to generate logs from a Phase One IQ or Leaf Credo digital back.

Last updated: 01-08-2017


I have been requested to gather and upload my log files from my digital back for further analysis.


If you experience errors on the IQ or Credo series digital backs, you can use the menu item “Dump Log” to transfer log information to a Compact Flash card.  This is the log file you can use to send to the Phase One support team for further analysis.

A Dump / debug log can be very helpful in troubleshooting hang-ups or other errors you may receive on your digital back. It shows what was executing, what modules were loaded before a dump log was created.

1. First, load a CF card into the digital back and format the card.

2. On a Phase One IQ back, go to Menu > Firmware > Dump Log.


On a Leaf Credo Back, from the Menu screen, select Settings > Firmware > Dump Log.


3. The logs will be written to the CF card in the form of a .txt file.

4. Copy the log file (Log00x.txt) from the CF card to your computer.

5. Place the .txt file into a new or existing support case, and provide as much detail about the issues you are experiencing. If it's a repeatable issue, please provide clear steps on how to reproduce.