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Using a Leaf Aptus II back tethered on a PC computer

Last updated: 06-01-2016


What hardware is needed to tether a Leaf Aptus or Aptus-II back to a PC?


When using a Leaf Aptus II back tethered on a PC computer - a few rules have to be followed!

From Phase One side we have tried - not tested - the 2 firewire card's shown below and found the cards to be reliable and easy to use. We have also tried other known brands and found some not to be reliable.

Note the red marker - this to display that the firewire cards needs "internal" bus power - this is requirred for firewire 800 cards.
The picture below shows a SATA cable the needs to be connected to the PC's internal power supply chain.

And below an image showing an adapter which on newer PC computers have changed in terms of the power supply cable socket - please consult your local PC dealer for more specifications - this only in case the above cable cannot be mounted on the existing power cable chain. Then this adapter is needed.



Firewire 800 card SIIG

Firewire 800 card Lacie