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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 2237
    Summary Mamiya RZ Pro II D internal battery rapidly depletes when a cameraback is attached.
    Problem When using a Mamiya RZ Pro II D with a digital-back the internal battery is exhausted faster than when using a film-back. A new battery will last for approximately 3 days before it is exhausted. This happens when a back is attached to the camerabody although the camera and back are turned off.

    The design of the Mamiya RZ Pro II D camerabody is made in a way where the body continuously uses power from the internal battery when a digital back is attached. (When filmbacks are attached the camera body goes to sleep 20 sec. after no activity.)

    You can prevent the internal battery drain by the following methods.

  • Lock the Shutter Release Button and move the release-button on the camerabody to be inline with the red dot on the front of the camerabody (see image below). The communication between body and back will then be closed and no battery power is used by the camera body.

  • Remove the digital back from the camerabody - this will reserve internal battery power as well.

  • Last updated May 22, 2013
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