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KB 2269

Hot Folder Function in Capture One Pro

Last updated: 06-01-2016


  • Capture One Pro does not provide tethered support for my camera, but I can shoot tethered using my camera's proprietary software.

  • Capture One Pro does not allow me to shoot Tethered AND to the Storage card but this is supported by my camera's proprietary software.


Use the Hot Folder option in Capture One Pro

First use your camera's proprietary software to connect the camera and shoot tethered to a designated folder. This may be referred to as a "Watch Folder" or "Destination Folder".

Then you can open a Capture One Pro SESSION and locate your folder through the Library tool.

Next set the folder as the Capture folder.

Next Select "Camera" from the Menu Bar and select "Hot Folder Enabled"

Next be sure to turn off Capture One's ability to communicate to the camera, through preferences, if necessary (If your camera is supported tethered in Capture One)

*If this step was necessary you MUST restart the software for it to take effect.

Shoot and enjoy!


  • *Note: Using alternative software to view or edit the RAW images simultaneously may result in the inability for Capture One to access the folder containing these images. In the case of Nikon software this may be unavoidable. 
  • In regard to Canon software, EOS Utility should be the only other open camera software and the "Remote Shooting" feature should be turned on.