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Chromatic Aberration in Capture One

Last updated: 06-01-2016


What is actually chromatic aberration and is it possible to fix in Capture One 4?


Chromatic aberration is an optical phemonena caused by the lens. With the bigger sensors and smaller pixels in Phase One camerabacks this is more obvious today than years ago when film was used and the resolution was lower. 

Please find below a screendump showing the perfect way that Capture One analyzes and effectively removes aberration. Note that currently only Phase One and Mamiya lenses are supported - more medium format lenses will be supported in future releases.

If a lens is supported, Capture One will indicate with the word "Custom" beside the word "Profile". If Chromatic Aberration is not available for a particular lens, Capture One will indicate "Unsupported".

And in details:

Phase One will continue improving and adding tools for lens analysis for medium format cameras. Demand for lens analysis tools is becuase digital backs are out-resolving lenses in terms of resolution due to the larger sensors having smaller and smaller pixels, ie.6.8 microns.

Building on the Lens+ and Focus+ technologies Capture One 4.6 includes lens correction presets for
a wide range of lenses. This allows Phase One digital back owners with H, V and C mounts to take
advantage of the cutting edge lens corrections in Capture One.
Presets for the following lenses have been included with version 4.6:
• Carl Zeiss (Contax) 140mm f2.8
• Carl Zeiss (Contax) 35mm
• Carl Zeiss (Contax) 45mm
• Carl Zeiss (Contax) 55mm
• Carl Zeiss (Contax) 80mm f2-f4
• Carl Zeiss (Hasselblad FE) 110mm
• Carl Zeiss (Hasselblad) 120mm
• Carl Zeiss (Hasselblad) 40mm
• Carl Zeiss (Hasselblad) 50mm
• Carl Zeiss (Hasselblad) 60mm
• Carl Zeiss (Hasselblad) 80mm
• Hasselblad HC 100mm
• Hasselblad HC 120mm
• Hasselblad HC 150mmN
• Hasselblad HC 35mm
• Hasselblad HC 50-110mm at 110mm
• Hasselblad HC 50-110mm at 50mm
• Hasselblad HC 50-110mm at 70mm
• Hasselblad HC 80mm
• Phase One 3.5 / 45mm TS lens (neutral position only)

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