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KB 2279

Variants and Clones Feature

Last updated: 06-01-2016


The variants and clones feature is used to preview adjusted images to the original, side by side, for an easier workflow. Each variant saves only the adjustments in order to minimize disk space use.


Allows you to create multi-instinctive looks for one raw file.
You can actually control each look without duplicating that file or making a
destructive edit.


Variant and Clones

-variant is a duplicate of the image using default settings.
Meaning a copy is made of the original in the format you shot it in.

The variants and clones are not creating another RAW format.
They only create a secondary file setting to minimize disk space use.

-clone is a duplicate of the image you are working on.
Complete with the current settings you made. 

It is important to know that the original RAW data is untouched by any changes made 
when adjusting the variants and clones.

This is an excellent way to show clients the different changes during the process to
achieve the wanted look.

When should I use variants?

If you are adjusting your images in Capture One
Start making a variant of your image you want to adjust.

It now made a copy of your original image settings.

Making a variant will help you get back to the original picture you started working with.
In case you need a new starting point with your changes.

This feature makes it much easier for you to watch all your re-adjustments you made next to the unchanged original.

When should I use clones?

When you want to make a copy of the image you adjusted.

Make a clone of the adjusted variant and all the changes you made, for example to exposure or color, metering values, shadow of highlights will be duplicated in to the clone you created.

To make "adjustment tests" of your image you can clone the clone. You can repeat this method till you are happy with the changes.

Now you will be able to watch the process being made of your adjustments.

Work with variants and clones to maximize creativity and flexibility.

Select the image you want to use in the browser.
Go to image and choose: new variant. (Short cut: F2) 

Make sure to set for multiply image viewing tool.

Select new variant that was created in the browser.

The original and the variant will now appear next to each other in the preview window.

Select the variant. 
Now you can start adjusting the image to your taste. 
One of the advantages is that you can see the changes and compare it to the original.


For an aggressive workflow use Cloning

Go to the browser level and right click on the variant.
Choose: clone variant

Select the clone. 

Now all three images are displayed on the screen next to each other. 

Select the copy of the variant in the viewer window
Feel free to make your second adjustments to the clone.

You now can watch the original, variant and the cloned variant next to each other.

This creates a great workflow while adjusting your images.


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