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How to clean the CCD/IR FILTER in your digital back

Last updated: 25-11-2015


The CCD/IR FILTER needs to be clean before shooting.

The Phase One DigiClean Kit helps you remove any dirt, grease, spots or streaks on your Digital Back CCD Sensor or IR Filter


Contents of the DigiClean kit:

DigiClean A:

A blue liquid that contains alcohol and soap.
Removes dirt, grease, spots etc. easily and carefully from the CCD and IR-filter surface.

DigiClean B:

Clear liquid that contains isopropanol and deionised water.
This is to be used for final cleaning after using digicleaning solution A. This prevents a film of digiclean A from remaining on the CCD/IR-FILTER. It evaporates fast without leaving any stripes/streaks on the cleaned surface.


High quality 100% hydroentangled polyester wipes. Excellent for nonabrasive cleaning of CCDs, filters and coated lenses. The wipe ensures an efficient cleaning procedure without leaving particles on the surface.


Makes it easy to wipe the CCD/Filter from edge to edge in one movement.
Must always be covered by at least two layers of DigiTissue. Direct contact with the CCD/Filter will scratch the surface.

Cleaning Procedure:

1. Take a clean DigiTissue and fold the tissue over the DigiScraper. 

2. Make it wet with the DigiClean solution A.

3. Wipe the CCD/Filter. Wipe only once - and in one direction.

4. Take a new clean DigiTissue and make it wet with the DigiClean solution B. Repeat 2-3 times before DigiClean A dries on the CCD/Filter.


Cleaning Procedure Video - Use for Instruction!