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KB 2299

Bracketing with custom functions on 645 DF/DF+

Last updated: 17-10-2018


How do you program the 645 DF or DF+ camera body for bracketing?


  1. Set the Exposure Mode dial to CF (Custom Function)

  2. Select bank A,B or C via the rear dial

  3. Go to CF-05 using front dial and choose with rear dial between the values:

    • 0 = 3 exposures

    • 1 = 5 exposures

    • 2 = 7 exposures

  4. Return to previous selection on Exposure Mode dial

  5. Press the small Auto Bracketing button below the focusing screen (the second from the left of the four small buttons)

  6. Select 1 on front dial to turn bracketing on