If you are looking to improve your skills with Phase One Camera Systems or Capture One software there are several online resources available.



    The Phase One Certified Professional training program is designed to give digital techs the information and training they need to get the most out of the Phase One camera system and Capture One software.

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    On our YouTube channel you can find all our videos. Watch both hardware demonstrations, software tutorials, and behind the scenes videos with different pro photographers shooting with Phase One camera systems. Sign up on our channel and we will keep you posted with the latest videos.


    The Image Quality Professor’s Blog is dedicated to Capture One tips and tutorials, time-saving shortcuts, undocumented tricks and photographic inspiration.


    Our comprehensive online Capture One help site describes the Capture One interface, commands, and menus and gives step-by-step instructions for managing photos in Capture One and for accomplishing specific tasks. It is written for users of all levels of experience.


    A U.K based website which offers local workshops but also different tips and tricks.


    Extract EIP

    "EIP" stands for "Enhanced Image Format" which essentially is a way to pack a RAW file together with Capture One settings, Lens Cast calibrations and custom ICC profiles.

    Major advantage compared to other formats is that the RAW file is always untouched; the EIP container is simply a ZIP format.

    EIP can be packed and un-packed in Capture One 6.x and later.

    If you for some reason do not have access to Capture One and want extract the RAW files from the EIP container then the ExtractEIP droplet can be used

    How to use it

    This requires you to us Mac OS 10.5 or better.

    Download and extract

    Drag and drop the EIP on this file and it will extract the EIP's in to a subfolder "RecoveredRAWs"

    WatchFolder Powertoy

    This application has been made to survey a folder for new files, when a new file arrives in the specific folder it will immediately be processed by Capture One to which ever active recipe is an enabled in Capture One.

    Minimum requirements

    To use the Watchfold you will need:

    Installing and using the WatchFolder powertoy

    1. UnZip file
    2. Run the WatchFoldrer application from any location

    This application will set a folder to be a Capture One Process Folder, so that any images in that folder will be initially moved to a 'Processing' folder, processed in Capture One, and then moved to a 'Done' subfolder.
    To use, simply drop the desired folder over the app's icon, or double click on the app.

    Update to version 1.1.3

    New version contains functionallity with Capture One 6.

    Also promts has been added for time to wait before processing.


    • Capture One 4.8 or later is required
    • For best results Capture One should be running before images are added to the Process Folder
    • Make sure the Process Queue is started
    • Recipes should be setup in Capture One before images are added to the folder
    • Do not set the Recipe's output destination to be the root of the Process Folder, as it will repeatedly process the output file.

    To Quit: Click on the icon in the Dock, then press Cmd-Q (right-clicking the icon doesn't work).

    File received sound alert

    This script implement the classic glass sound on a Mac when a file is received in Capture One.

    It is primarly intended to be used when shooting tethered with Phase One "H" series camera backs, but will of course work with other backs as well.

    To use the sound alert make sure you have minimum Capture One 6.1 installed.

    download Capture One


    To implement the script do the following:

    • Unzip the script
    • Click on script menu in Capture One and choose "Open Script folder"
    • Drop the script in to this folder that now apears
    • Click on script menu un Capture One again and choose "Update script menu

    Note: We take great care to ensure that PowerToys work as they should, but they are not part of Capture One and are not supported by Phase One. For this reason, Phase One Technical Support is unable to answer questions about PowerToys.



    They are your current layout in Capture One. When you start Capture One the first time you are using the "Default" layout. As you modify change, add, move or remove a tool you have created out own workspace.

    Workspaces can be save and loaded from Window -> Workspace in Capture One.

    To load the workspace on your computer, place the file in ~/Library/Application Support/Capture One/Workspaces

    Note: The workspaces here are made for Capture One 5 or better. They are Mac only and are made for a display resolution of 1440 x 900 (standard on most 15" Mac book pro). If you have a a different resolution you might have to move and resize some of the windows.

    Capture One 3.7 style layout

    Do you miss the old Capture One 3.7 layout? This is as close as we can get.

    Note: alot of tools are hidden in this layout since they simply did not exist in 3.7.


    Support Layout

    Layout which has many windows floating. 

    Level window for each channel floating can be handy.


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