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Year In Review 2016

Delivering dynamic photographic workflows for the world's most demanding photographers

A photographic vision coming to fruition should be a symphony of all elements working seamlessly towards the same goal. In practice, finding that balance can be an uphill battle. 

During 2016, Phase One has introduced a host of new hardware and software innovations and partnerships to help all types of photographers optimize their workflow. Dynamic workflows allow each photographer to create the unique environment necessary to make their vision reality.

Take a look back at what Phase One has accomplished in 2016.

1 IQ3 100MP Digital Back
Just days into the new year, Phase One announced the world's first 100MP camera. Within 48 hours of the announcement, the first IQ3 100MP Digital Backs had begun shipping. The 100MP camera has quickly become a staple for photographers and studios requiring the highest image quality and resolution available on the market.
"If you are somebody that demands the best, this is the best - hands down. The XF 100MP is a giant leap ahead of any camera system I've ever shot before. It's not even a fair fight." - Tim Kemple
2 Focus Stack Tool
In expanding the workflow options for even the most unique photographic applications, the Focus Stack Tool and Helicon Focus partnership were launched to provide XF Camera System users with an automated and intuitive solution for sequenced focus stacking.
3 Time Lapse Tool
As part of the free Feature Update #2 firmware release, introduction of the Time Lapse Tool delivered a smart intervalometer to dependably capture accurate automated image sequences. By setting the total captures and time between each capture, the camera will respect all existing settings while capturing the sequence.
"Being able to shoot 12k time lapse with the Phase One XF Camera System has really been a game changer for me." - Joe Capra
4 Blue Ring 110mm f/2.8 and 240mm f/4.5
With more megapixels than ever before, Phase One has focused on developing and improving the lens range to support not only 100MP, but also the resolutions of the future - with quality and reliability to match. The Schneider Kreuznach 110mm f/2.8 and Schneider Kreuznach 240mm f/4.5 lenses are the first of the updated leaf shutter lenses to be released in 2016 as part of the Blue Ring range.
"The crispness of these new Blue Ring lenses is really ideal for this type of product photography. It shows every detail of the car the whole way through." - Richard Thompson
5 Blue Ring Zoom Lenses
The next of the lens range to be improved to the Blue Ring quality and reliability were the Schneider Kreuznach 40-80mm f/4.0-5.6 and Schneider Kreuznach 75-150mm f/4.0-5.6 zoom lenses. In combination, these two lenses cover a wide range of focal lengths while maintaining the sharpness and image quality of a prime lens throughout.
6 XF Cable Release and Break Out Box
The XF Cable Release Break Out Box (B.O.B) was introduced as a customizable accessory, primarily aimed at assisting in landscape and studio workflows. The B.O.B enables tailored external shutter control with a customizable button, the option for power, and the ability to alter the cable length. The B.O.B is backwards compatible with Phase One and Mamiya products.
7 Blue Ring 45mm f/3.5 and 150mm f/2.8
The brand new Schneider Kreuznach 45mm f/3.5 and Schneider Kreuznach 150mm f/2.8 IF Blue Ring lenses were custom-built to fully and beautifully resolve the high resolution of the XF 100MP Camera System, and are well-positioned to resolve future megapixel advancements as well.
"The lens has really inspired me in the way that its worked in the field. The focusing action is fantastic. The feeling of solidity and robustness of the lens is great. Sharp edge to edge. No distortion on the horizon." - Joe Cornish
8 IQ1 100MP Digital Back
Phase One announced the addition of the 100MP model for the IQ1 series of digital backs just in time for Photokina. The IQ1 100MP joins the 80MP and 50MP models in providing photographers with a reliable and flexible digital back developed with a strong commitment to the Open Platform philosophy.
"My work is reliant on accurate representation of delicate tonal transitions; something I now realise is only possible with 16 bit colour depth. The ability to capture such a wide gamut of hues, paired with the IQ1 100MP's unrivaled dynamic range, has allowed my photographic identity to come alive." - Tim Campbell
9 Warranty
Continuing the commitment to providing high quality imaging solutions that remain reliable well into the future, Phase One revised the standard warranty to allow for unlimited shutter actuations within a 5-year warranty period. This major update  to the warranty clearly expresses confidence in the improvements, build quality and long-term performance of all Phase One components.
10 Profoto Air Tool
Phase One's advancements toward complete workflow solutions was taken one step further by the introduction of the Profoto Air Tool. First introduced to the public at Photokina, this tool built on 2015's Profoto Air integration by adding full lighting control directly from the XF Camera System, allowing photographers to maintain focus on the subject rather than the setup.
"When shooting with the XF Camera System, the built-in Profoto Air tool made it easy to adjust the power of every light or to control the model light. You or your assistant don't need to struggle going from generator to generator when everything is available on the camera itself." - Nicklas Ingemann
11 Electronic Shutter
Phase One's industry-first electronic shutter effectively eliminated all mechanical moving parts from the capture process. For photographers using the XF Camera System, A-Series, or third-party technical cameras with the IQ3 100MP Digital Back, the Electronic Shutter enabled an entirely new way of working - with live view and controls available directly from the digital back.
12 Capture One Pro 10
Capture One Pro 10 is the latest release of Phase One's proprietary imaging software. As a primary element of professional photographic workflows, Capture One is a powerful tool that enables even the most demanding photographers and teams to achieve the creative vision - in real time as they shoot, in post processing, or as part of dynamic multi-step workflows for all production sizes. Capture One Pro 10 adds Tangent panel support, following the Eizo monitor support introduced earlier in the year.
"Capture One Pro is essential to my work as a fashion photographer and it follows me on every job I do. It allows me to create the workflow that I like, and it makes the job so much easier for me, since I don’t have to spend hours organizing the images in other applications" - Emil Monty Freddie

Looking forward...

2016 was full of product launches, but Phase One's dedication to quality doesn't stop after production. Phase One is proud of the world class support that is provided to every customer, and are working to make the support process even easier and faster in 2017. 

Committing to continually improving and advancing the XF platform sets a high standard for modular camera systems. From both a build and technology perspective, the XF Camera System is uniquely positioned to address the photographic workflow challenges that professionals will face in the future.

We hope that you will join us in 2017 and beyond, to see what the professional photographic workflow of the future can become. 

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