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Formatting a CF Card

Last updated: 01-08-2017


How do I format a CF Card on my Mac or PC?


Formatting on a Mac OS X computer
On Mac OS X formatting a CF card can easily be done inside the Disk Utility located in the Applications > Utilities folder.
  • Insert the card in the card reader.
  • Open the Disk utility and select the Disk (not just the partition, but the entire disk).
  • Select the Erase panel as shown below, and select MS-DOS (FAT).
  • Choose Scheme>Master Boot Record on OS 10.11.x or higher.
  • Give the disk a name and click on Erase to erase and format the entire disk for use with the P System.  

For Mac OSx 10.10.x and earlier

For Mac OSx 10.11.x and higher

  • Formatting the Compact Flash Card in the Operating System may be necessary if the card cannot be read by the Digital Back System, or if it contains damaged data.

    Formatting on a Windows Computer
    Insert the CF-card in the card reader, and select the drive when it mounts in "My computer" or in the Explorer.
  • Right click on the drive
  • Select "Format" from the pop-up menu.
  • Select FAT32 or FAT16 from the "File System" pop-up.
  • Give the card a name
  • Uncheck 'Quick Earase'
  • Click Start to format the card