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KB 1687

Linhof View Cameras compatibility with Phase one Digital Backs.

Last updated: 05-01-2016


This article discusses the use of Linhof Kardan Master GTL/TL and the Linhof Master Technica with Phase One Digital Backs.


Is it possible to use the Linhof Kardan Master GTL/TL with any Phase One Digital back?


Yes it can be used but with limitations as the L-shape makes limitations to the movements of the flexadapter. Therefore some tilt and swings can not be achieved. 





Linhof Master Technica used with a Phase One camera back


Will a Phase One cameraback mount on a Linhof Master Technika Classic and Master Technika 3000 camera?





The cameras has detachable ground glass. The cameras are therefore possible to mount with a Rapid Change Slide Adapter (Item001618). 




And finally a Linhof-Hasselblad V Digi Adapter for international backs (Item 001693) can be mounted and a V mount back from Phase One mounted.