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KB 1793

Activation Limit Exceeded

Last updated: 02-05-2018


I have tried to activate Capture One with a License code on my new computer and I get the message, Activation Limit Exceeded What does this mean ?


This error message is diplayed when the product key has activated Capture One according to the limit set by how many licenses were purchased.

For Standard Licenses 

Version 9 and later: 3 concurrent activations.

Version 6, 7 and 8: 2 concurrent activations.

For Subscription Licenses

Pro (for Sony) and Subscription licenses allow for 2 concurrent activations.

For Multi-User Licenses

5 or 10-seat licenses are available from our e-shop and other number of seats (up to 50) can be purchased from Phase One partners.

Deactivating Unneeded Capture One Seats

Each machine will produce a unique identificaiton to our servers. Therefore, when a new machine is purchased, an OS is reinstalled, or a hard drive rebuilt, it can be "seen" as a new computer. This would require an additional activation.

To solve this error you can either deactivate a computer you are no longer using within Capture One: Deactivate inside CaptureOne or Media Pro.

If you no longer have access to a machine that you need to de-activate, you can reset individual activations or entire licenses remotely. This KB article explains how: Deactivate Online