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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 2057
    Summary Getting Started: Creating a New Session with Windows
    Problem How do I get started with Capture One sessions now that I have shot some captures?
    Solution Creating a New Session or Collection

    There are a few ways to create a new Session, following these procedures:
    1 - The icon at top Add or change collection is used to Add new or change name of existing session.
    2 - Select folder to locate RAW images
    3 - Tab name will be same as folder name. You can change this name.

    You can add a Session by using the Browse folder... to display the file tree of RAW image. Once selected, you will click on icon to Insert current folder as permanent collection

    1. This next Feature is in the PRO version only and is used for starting a Session for tethered shooting.
    Click on the Open Create New Session icon adjacent to white text box.
    2. The Open/Create new Session dialog box will be displayed, as shown here:

    3. Type name desired for new session in the Session field.

    4. Establish Root Directory

    5. Select Open when done and New Session is created

    When creating a Session this way, it is automatically set as the Current Capture Collection for tethered shooting into Capture One.
    File names will now include Session name.

    Last updated December 4, 2014

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