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    Summary Getting Started: Importing images on Windows
    Problem I have captured images onto a CF card, how do I import these images into Capture One?
    Solution Importing Images Using Phase One Media Reader
    ( Windows LE, PRO only )

    Image files can be imported with or without the Phase One Media Reader. This feature can be set to launch automatically upon inserting a CF card into a card reader.
    The location and naming for files can be set in this feature.

    *See link below for info on Enabling or Disabling this feature*

    If you choose not to use this feature, you can download images to a location on hard drive and then use the Browse Folders... icon to select image folder you want to bring into Capture One. Image names will be from the camera's counter, but can be changed using the Batch Rename option of Capture One.
    See Link Below>>

    Click Browse Folders... icon

    An Explorer or File Tree window will appear. Selecting a folder will add Thumbnails and Preview files into Capture One.
    Placing your cursor upon the icons above the display, will identify their function:
  • Refresh Folders
  • Insert current folder as permanent collection
  • Create new subfolder

    ** The use of the Default Location for RAW image Session folders is strongly suggested in order to eliminate problems **
    C:\Program Files\Phase One\Capture One\Captures\Your Session Folders

    Creating a Shortcut on the Desktop for the Captures Folder will make file management more efficient.

  • Last updated December 4, 2014

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