The Phase One Image Quality

Phase One’s Capture One raw image rendering engine is built into the new Media Pro. Photographers can instantly magnify and evaluate raw images with correct colors, in detail, including adjustments. Images and adjustments made in Capture One are updated in Media Pro and the two applications offer integrated exchange of metadata. This increased compatibility is a major improvement in the workflow between the two applications. For advanced editing tasks leverage the improved seamless workflow integration with Capture One 6.3. Capture One provides state-of-the-art photo editing tools that will assist you in achieving the perfect look for every image. Media Pro complements Capture One with its professional photo management capabilities. 

More camera support
Raw files from more than 100 new camera models are supported, including raw image support for Canon, Nikon, Phase One, Leaf, Mamiya and other popular pro and semi-pro digital cameras.

Updated user interface 
Media Pro comes with a redesigned user interface to match the sleek look of Capture One.



Larger catalogs

The limitation of 128.000 files per catalog and the maximum size of 2GB per catalog has been removed to allow for larger photo collections. This increases the number of photos that can be organized within a single catalog, the size of preview that may be used etc. As before the combined size of the photo files can of course be much larger than 2GB since a catalog references the original photo files at their original location rather than embedding all the data from those. 

Media Pro offers exchange of metadata information by way of XMP, the extensible metadata platform. Media Pro also provides options to permit Windows-based systems to use Windows Imaging Components and Mac-based systems to use Core Image processing as their image rendering engines. This means that Media Pro maintains its independence as a best-of-breed digital asset management solution supporting other popular image editing software.

Professional Photo Management 
While Media Pro 1 continues to provide support for audio, PDF, DTP, font, text and HTML files, Media Pro is primarily a photo manager for photo and video files. 
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