Phase One レンズ







Phase One lenses are 

Phase OneレンズはXFカメラシステムの高解像度中判センサーを解決するように設計されています。大型センサー、大画素とLSリーフシャッタレンズあ「スケーリングする準備光学系を使用して、シュナイダークロイツナッハリーフシャッター、100 MPの解像度を超えるべくデザインです。


We take great pride in listening to our customers. The “Blue Ring” lens range is a reflection of that dedication. We’ve spent years collecting feedback with regard to the look, feel and operation of all the Phase One system components, the “Blue Ring” lens range is the first of many small changes that strive to ensure attention is paid to the details and your equipment meets the demands of an active professional.

Focal Plane Lenses

The range of Phase One Focal plane lenses, are designed to deliver clean optical performance together with fast apertures at the lowest possible weight. For photographers needing outstanding image quality, easy portability, rugged design and the shortest black-out time of all the lenses, the focal plane range is an ideal choice. 

Zoom & Specialty Lenses

In addition to our range of fixed-focal length prime lenses, the XF Camera System is compatible with both Focal Plane and Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter Zoom lenses, delivering optical performance that rivals equivalent focal length primes. For those photographers that require tilt or shift lens movement, the Schneider Kreuznach TS is a go-to choice. 

Leaf Shutter レンズ