Capture One

Capture One CH 8

A professional Rapid Capture Solution dedicated to the Cultural Heritage community

Renowned for image quality and optimized for rapid capture, Capture One CH offers a highly specialized feature set that delivers a significantly faster reprographic workflow during both capture and post-production.

Capture One CH 8 main features:

  • Auto Crop for flat art reproduction or books with selectable alignment points
  • Negative Film Reproduction Tool for black & white and color transparent material
  • LAB Color readout for precise verification of colors (1976 CIE L*a*b*)
  • AppleScript support for quick and efficient workflow with feature automation
  • ICC Profiles for Cultural Heritage optimized for both color precision and three dimensional gradients
  • Cultural Heritage Workspaces specially designed for the phases of Cultural Heritage photography

New in Capture One CH 8.2:

  • Input resolution ruler to ensure optimal resolution
  • Color profiles optimized for LED lighting
  • 3-Way Color Balance for perfect balancing of transparent material

Download the Capture One CH 8.2 User Guide



DT RCam複写専用カメラ

DT RCamは耐久性、精度、と品質を兼備する先進のデジタルバック向けに最高の品質の素材ですべて構築されています。

DT RCamはあらゆる特定のプロジェクト向けに最高のバックで撮影する際にその特別のデジタルバックに汎用性をもってサポートするように設計された高い再生カメラです。


Built to 0.005" tolerances to ensure image and focal plane are in perfect alignment

  • Extremely accurate purpose-made helical focusing system
  • Optional lock to prevent accidental changes
  • Compatible with a wide variety of digital backs
  • Built with the industry’s leading components
  • Accepts mechanical shutters or electronic shutter lenses
  • Ability to stitch images together for maximum resolution
  • Perfect integration with the DT RG3040 reprographic system
  • Easy 90° rotation for orienting the sensor left-right or fore-aft on the working surface


Phase One iXR カメラ



iXR は弊社製のすべてのレンズまた IQ1 series digital backsに完全にサポート、P/P+ digital backsでは多少の制限があるがLeaf Aptus-II バック、Credoバックにも使用できます。またiXRは既存のPhase Oneデジタルバックとレンズを交換することなくカメラの機能をアップグレードしたい場合の完璧なソリューションです。

 Capture One Pro software経由でIQバックやiXRカメラを使用する際、フォトグラファーはリモートで制御でき、ワークステーションから離れる必要がありません。ライブビューから撮影もフォーカスチェックがボタンひとつでコントロールできます。




DT フィルムスキャニングキット

コンプリートシステムもしくはスタンドアローンコンポーネントとして動作するように設計され、DTフィルムスキャンキットはDT RCAMとも組み合わせでプロジェクトのニーズに応じて交換して使うことができる新たなフィルムキャリアとして活用できます。



Book Capture System

BC100 ブックキャプチャーシステム

BC100 book capture system

The BC100 book capture system is a dedicated book scanning system that meets the high demands of cultural institutions by providing preservation-grade image quality, speed, and reliability needed to capture a wide variety of bound and loose materials. In addition to replacing flatbed and planetary scanners for the digitization of books, the BC100 is an excellent platform for the capture of loose works on paper, serials including newspapers, manuscripts, photos, drawings, and more.

Features and benefits

  • Dual Camera Book Capture System with incredible rates of capture much higher than book scanners
  • Capable of shooting bound and loose materials, including works on paper, serials including newspapers, loose manuscripts, photos, and drawings, etc.
  • Digital Camera Heads meet preservation grade imaging standard including the FAGDI 4-star and METAMORFOZE-Strict guidelines
  • 100° anti-reflective glass platen enables the digitization of up to 6" bindings and page sizes larger than 17" x 24” or A2 size per side
  • Software delivers preservation grade TIFFs, JPEGs, and PDFSs in RGB, grayscale, and CMYK modes (Open Source Raw and DNG is also supported)
  • Its open platform design allows the camera and capture device to be upgraded
  • Cross platform compatibility with our DT RCam Reprographic Camera for increased versatility
  • Variable resolution options available
Capture クレードル


RGC180 キャプチャークレードル

This scanning system is used for scanning books, maps and loose-document collections. It achieves preservation grade reproductions at a very fast rate of capture while providing reliability, ease of use and safety of the original materials. For materials which should not be opened 180°, a 100° cradle can be placed on the optional hard-top.

Features and benefits

  • Two height adjusting platforms utilizing dual pneumatic cylinders for raising and lowering the platforms
  • 180° anti-reflective glass platen enables the digitization of up to 25” x 35” books and up to 4” bindings
  • Delivers preservation grade TIFFs, JPEGs, PDFs in RGB, grayscale and CMYK modes
  • Open Source Raw and DNG also supported
  • Operated by foot pedal
  • Four retractable vibration dampening casters
  • Open platform design allows camera and capture device to be upgraded, thereby preventing obsolescence
  • Variable resolution options available
  • Dual crop script/application available
  • Durable design for years of continuous use, including shutter warranty up to 1 million actuations

RG3040 リプログラフィックシステム

RG3040 リプログラフィックシステム

The DT RG3040 reprographic system is developed to meet the high demands of the cultural heritage digital imaging community while protecting the integrity of the materials. This system, with its electronically controlled column, fully aligned components, and casters with adjustable and retractable dampeners optimizes ease of use while ensuring the creation of superior digital images every time.

Legacy copy stands were designed to meet the relatively loose precision required for film capture. The DT RG3040 reprographic stand is built from the ground up for the era of digital capture. Its design and manufacturing surpass the exacting tolerances required for high-resolution digital preservation imaging, and it is ready to use with any digital capture system.

Features and benefits

  • A 30” x 40” reprographic table with a heavy duty, moveable electronically controlled column
  • Fully aligned components CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machined to 0.005” to ensure even focus across image plane
  • A utility shelf to hold lighting generator and camera accessories
  • Four casters with adjustable and retractable dampeners for mobility, work surface alignment, and elimination of table vibration



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