Organizing Photos

Capture One provides a variety of ways to organize your images. You can add metadata to images and use search and filter to organize your photos.


Create and utilize a catalog in Capture One Pro

Working in Sessions Pro

A Session can be used as a project container to store folder locations. Find out more...

Albums and Folders

Use albums and Selects Folder as a key organizing element in a Capture One Session or Catalog.

Smart Albums

A Smart Album is a filtered album containing a subset image collection. Discover the benefits.

Star Rate and Color Tag Images

Use stars ratings and color tags to help organize images.

Search and Filters

There are numerous ways to search an image collection to help you find, sort and organize images.


Capture One Pro 8 allows keyword tags to be added as searchable metadata using a new dedicated tool, and adds the timesaving hierarchal keywording feature from Media Pro.


The Metadata tool allows you to insert keywords and specific information in addition to the basic metadata from a camera. Find out more...


Commonly used terms explained...