Viewing Photos

Capture One provides a wide range of possible ways to view and inspect images. Users can customize the Image Viewer and the Image Browser to fit the needs of your particular workflow.

The Viewer

The Viewer displays a large preview of one image or a number of selected images.

The Browser

The Image Browser displays thumbnails of selected images from a folder, Album, Smart Album, Project, Group and a Catalog.

Loupe Tool

The Loupe tool can be used to complement the other focus functions. Use it to quickly check focus while simultaneously viewing the whole image.

Full Screen

The Full Screen feature displays the maximum view of a preview image. It is possible to work in Full Screen mode and have access to a selected set of tools.


The Slideshow feature allows you to present photos or videos with transitions in a full screen view.

Capture Pilot (™) Pro

Available as a free download from the Apple App store, Capture Pilot lets you present, rate and capture photos on an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch directly from Capture One Pro software. Remote capture and adjustment of exposure controls on certain Phase One, Mamiya, Leaf, Canon and Nikon models when tethered to a Mac or Windows computer running Capture One Pro is also possible with optional Capture Control, while wireless control and geotagging is offered with Phase One IQ2-series system cameras.

Remote Shooting with Capture-Pilot

In addition to browsing and rating images served by Capture One Pro via a computer, the Capture Pilot iOS app offers wireless remote control, image browsing and geotagging with Phase One IQ2 and A-series system cameras using Wi-Fi.Wireless streaming of live view is also possible in conjunction with the Phase One IQ250 and the Alpa A250 models. By adopting the Alpa smart device holder, an iOS device can be directly mounted to the A250 camera and used as an electronic viewfinder.