Introducing the new range of IQ3 Digital Backs

Imaging Sensors

The digital back is, in essence, an imaging sensor enclosed within a detachable magazine that includes all the electronic and processing power needed to capture amazing medium format images.

Image Quality


XF IQ3 Integration

Built for flexibility, the IQ3 range of digital backs is compatible with the leading technical cameras

Intuitive touch


Integrated Wireless

Wireless built-in

You don't have to buy extra accessories or mount more gadgets on your camera. Wireless communication is an integrated part of the IQ3 Digital Back range. 

Compose & Control

In the range of IQ3 Digital Backs, Wi-Fi is built-in allowing you to connect an iPad or iPhone wirelessly and use Capture Pilot for Live View, exposure control, shutter release and instantly check focus or compose on a larger screen.


GPS information is logged through Capture Pilot when your iPhone or iPad is wirelessly connected to an IQ3 Digital Back and automatically embedded into your IQ RAW files. A great feature for reviewing where images were captured which can be useful for location scouting purposes.


Open Platform philosophy

Value that last and the ability to use on technical cameras. There are many advantages of having an open and modular system.

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