Phase One Lenses

Our Leaf Shutter lenses are designed together with world-renowned optics manufacturer, Schneider Kreuznach of Germany. Building on decades of experience in high-resolution optics the Leaf Shutter lenses delivers some of the sharpest lenses in the world, built for today’s systems as well as the future. With an integrated Leaf Shutter, the range of Schneider Kreuznach lenses delivers industry leading flash synchronization speed of up to 1/1600th of a second.


35mm LS和120mm LS是我们高分辨率镜头系列的新增成员。该系列的镜头设计旨在解决甚至突破目前传感器技术的限制,我们全新的施耐德蓝环镜头已经准备好迎接未来。


Leaf Shutter lenses


Focal Plane lenses