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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 1793
    Summary Activation Limit Exceeded
    Problem I have tried to activate Capture One with a Product Key on my new computer and I get the message, Activation Limit Exceeded What does this mean ?
    Solution License Policy is 1 License = 1 User = 2 computers Activated

    This error message is diplayed when the product key has activated Capture One according to the limit set by how many licenses were purchased.

    Activations are stringently monitored and Policy is enforced due to License Policy abuse by some Users.

    The Product Key is set to the allowance for 2 activations.

    Each machine must have its own unique Activation Key.
    Therefore, when a new machine is purchased, an OS upgrade installed or reinstalled, or a hard drive rebuilt, it is 'seen' as a New Computer.

    In order to get this machine activated, a Support Case that includes your Profile email address and/or Product Key must be provided.
    If a new computer will be used to run Capture One. Please uninstall Capture One on the computer that will no longer run Capture One.
    The limitation will be reset upon receipt of this information and consideration of the request by Support.

    Capture One PRO is sold for with a Multi-User Site License for up to 50 users.
    These licenses are sold from Phase One Dealers for from the Eshop in increments of, i.e. 5, 10, 14, 20, 30 Users etc.

    Last updated May 16, 2007

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