Phase One’s Space Photography Solutions iXM-SP150 Camera aboard satellite

Space Applications

Space Based Imaging

Our iXM cameras can collect imagery from deep-shaded and highly illuminated areas simultaneously, increasing detection, recognition, and identification capabilities. They are fully configurable and have sophisticated on-the-fly image compression to support fast data processing. With a compact size and weight, low power consumption, and optional components, our iXM cameras are perfect for space applications.

Designed and built to operate in Low Earth Orbit in Space, iXM-SP150 is a snapshot matrix camera, ready for integration with Space telescopes and satellite imagery hardware. iXM-SP150 offers unmatching wide area, high resolution, high sensitivity, and low noise imaging capabilities for Earth Observation and Space Domain Awareness applications, with Achromatic and color variants.

High resolution satellite image of Earth by Phase One

Space Domain Awareness (SDA)

Designed for space: The iXM-SP150 captures unprecedented image quality. The iXM-SP150 is a groundbreaking snapshot matrix camera designed and built for use in Low Earth Orbit. Its unparalleled capabilities include wide area, high resolution, high sensitivity, and low noise imaging, making it the ideal choice for Earth Observation and Space Domain Awareness applications. The camera is equipped with both achromatic and color variants, and is fully integrated with space telescopes and satellite hardware.

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Satellite view in high resolution from Phase One camera

Earth Observation

Acquire high-quality imagery from space. Phase One iXM cameras’ wide field of view and high resolution is optimal for collecting data from high altitudes. With iXM cameras’ high resolution and sensitivity, shorter times are required to cover large areas, taking HAPS and space platform productivity to the next level. With electronic shutter technology, third-party optics can be integrated for the needed ground sampling resolution.You may inquire about radiation-hardened models for long mission durations in orbit.

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